Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rebecca WhittleRebecca Whittle
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Stephen has been a great instructor always punctual and ready to let you have a go. Stephen tailors each lesson for you specifically, he also makes it client based learning. He always has a plan but puts what you want to get out of the lesson as top priority. He is a kind, funny and patient instructor who always as a comment or a phrase that helps you with your learning. I would highly recommend him as a Driving Instructor. He is very reflective and strives to be the best he can in order to aid your learning.

Katie BarberKatie Barber
Driving Test Pass
Stephen has been wonderful, i felt very supported throughout every lesson. I liked his little catchphrases as they stuck in my head all the way through the test. He has been patient but stern about what i needed to improve on, but allowed me to take lessons into my hands. I liked how a checklist was used to mark my progress. All in all, Stephen would be the only instructor i would recommend to someone learning to drive. It's been great and i will miss our journeys out around Leeds.

Hannah ArcherHannah Archer
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Amazing instructor, really patient and helpful. Makes sure your 100% ready for your test. Always makes sure you fully understand everything.

Rory EversRory Evers
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Stephen has been patient, clear and flexible throughout my learning experience. He always explains everything in a clear and down to earth manner and as made the whole process stress free and smooth. I looked forward to my lesson each week and am so pleased to have passed first time. I am certain i wouldn't have passed so quickly without Stephen's instructions and help.

Hayley FirthHayley Firth
Driving Test Pass
Steve is incredibly patient and enthusiastic. The knowledge he has is unreal ! The way things are explained and how patient he is when things don't click is excellent! I will miss his guidance!

Tom SanfordTom Sanford
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Very thorough methods of teaching meant i felt well prepared for the test. I enjoyed being able to set my own pace for how quickly we learned things. Stephen was always very supportive and always knew when help was needed. I would absolutely recommend LDC to a new learner.

Harrison CarpenterHarrison Carpenter
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Stephen has been very good with me. He was always calm and constantly assured me and gave me advice when i needed it and i passed as a result. Recommend to anyone looking to pass. Thank you Stephen !

Rebecca HemingwayRebecca Hemingway
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Stephen you have been amazing teaching me. Thank you so much. You are so calm and explain everything so well. Thank you so much.

Ibrar HussainIbrar Hussain
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
A very friendly and patient instructor, put me at complete ease while driving. I could not have picked a better instructor and can't recommend enough ! Thank you !

Molly DisburyMolly Disbury
Driving Test 1st Time Pass
Really great Instructor ! Very helpful and clear with explanations. I would recommend to everyone, your driving confidence will soar.

Steve Martin Steve Martin
Driving Test
Great Instructor, very calm and conscientious. Would definitely recommend !

Jordan NicholasJordan Nicholas
Passed 1st Time
Stephen was absolutely fantastic, very friendly and always made sure lessons were fun and informative. Always asked me what I wanted to get out of the lesson via client-centred learning. My confidence was made loads better by Stephen and despite my test being put back a couple of weeks it was definitely the right thing to do, can't thank Stephen enough !

Samantha BoltonSamantha Bolton
Driving Test
Stephen's teaching method is really good. He was patient and understanding and put me at ease in preparation for my test.

Callum Earnshaw-CooperCallum Earnshaw-Cooper
Driving Test / 1st Time Pass
More than helpful, would recommend to anybody doing lessons. I don't think I would of done it without him. Very pleased.

Robert ParsonsRobert Parsons
Driving Test
Great Instructor doesn't push you too hard to where you struggle but makes sure it's enough for you to improve.

Asha WoodsAsha Woods
Driving Test Pass
Stephen has been a fantastic instructor very patient. With my nerves Stephen has taught me to be a confident driver.

Chris BullerChris Buller
Driving Test
Stephen is a Brilliant instructor ! Knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly patient! Highly recommend Stephen to anyone.

Kyle ManchipKyle Manchip
Passed 1st Time
My Instructor has helped me accomplish my goal and he has given me the best advice every Week to better me throughout all of my lessons. He is by far the best instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Well done Kyle a great achievement.

Philip GidleyPhilip Gidley
Highly Recommend

Stepthen was very comfortable with his teaching skills. Very calm and approachable. Provided me with all the resources needed to pass my test and have kept his details for when my daughter starts to learn to drive in just over 6 months time.

Thankyou Stephen for your help.

Mark JenkinsMark Jenkins
As someone who suffers with nerves and anxiety, Stephen is a brilliant instructor, very patient and understanding. I would recommend Stephen to anyone learning to drive who is nervous about tests or being under pressure. I would like to thank Stephen for all of his help I am chuffed to bits!