I picked LDC because I felt they had the best package to offer a new driver. The work book and DVD which came with the semi-intensive course were a great help in letting me know what to expect and do. Steve was a understanding and fun instructor who made me feel at ease and let me learn things at my own slow pace. It was a great feeling I had when I was told I had passed first time. I have also taken the Pass Plus with Steve and recommended him to my friends who are looking to learn to drive. Thanks Steve and LDC.

I passed first time with 6 minors.
Learning with Steve and LDC was the best choice I made. The theory DVD was a great help, it made the test less stressful as I knew what to expect. When it came to my lessons we always had a laugh and learning was a lot easier with the book and DVD for me. I will be doing the Pass Plus with him. He is now teaching my sister to drive and I will recommend him to my friends as well.

I passed with 4 minors.
I took the midway course with steve. Unlike my first instructor with steve it was fun to learn. Lessons were relaxed and because we were always laughing I felt no pressure. I hope the lessons on the Pass Plus are the same. Thanks Steve.


I passed with 4 minors
Learning with Steve and with the help of the book and DVD's was great. He was professional and unlike my previous teacher did not shout at me and treated me as a friend as well as a pupil. Lessons were fun. I will be recommending him to my friends wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Steve.

Philip Ashton
I passed first time with a few minors
As I had a few lessons with my dad I signed up for the LDC Midway Pass course. After the 1st lesson Steve told me I would need a few more lessons which I took. I'm glad I did because the few extra lessons gave me more confidence and belief in my self to pass. Steve was a good instructor and a good laugh as well. Thanks Steve for getting me through.

Joseph Kenway
I passed with 5 minors
I booked the LDC Midway Pass course as I had lessons with another company. Learning with Steve and LDC was a real surprise. He took the time to get to know me and my Nan as well as teaching me. When I messed up the manoeuvre on my 1st test due to being over confident he was upset and told me to drive as I was taught next time. I listened and guess what I passed. Thanks for being patient. Hope your pupils listen to your advice and they will pass.

Thanks for being patient. Hope your pupils listen to your advice and they will pass.

Thanks to Steve I passed first time with only 3 minors. He was always friendly and took things nice and slow for me. At the start he told me how many lessons I would need but as my test got nearer I took a few more to be sure. The LDC workbook and DVD were a great help to me as I knew what to do on the next lesson. On Test day I was very nervous but he gave me a few words of advice to calm me down and belief in myself and he was not surprised that I passed only disappointed with the silly minors I got. Thanks Steve. See you again when I do my pass plus.

Lean Ashley - May 2011
Learning to drive with steve was great fun and enjoyable.He always remained calm and kept on encouraging me.When i was getting stressed out and close to tears doing the manoeuvres he was always urging me on telling me i have to ability to do them. On the day of the test i was a nervous wreck,he told me to took take a deep breath and treat it as a normal lesson.On the test with him sat behind me i could hear his instructions about what to do in my head and did not want to let him down. When i heard the words "Congratulations lean you have passed" i could not believe it. I had passed first time. I will be recommending him to all my friends and family.